“Echoes of the Past” Narrative Design Feedback Wanted

About a month ago a new Narrative Design Director, Leah Hoyer, was brought on to the existing ArenaNet design team. People were unsure of what to expect from Hoyer due to her background working at Disney. However now that the first bit of story writing she’s been involved with has released (“Echoes of the Past”), Hoyer is seeking feedback.

Hi folks! Now that I’ve settled in a bit at ANet, I wanted to check in again on this thread. The first Living World episode that I was involved in, “Echoes of the Past,” has now been live for a few days. We’ve all been really pleased that people seem to be enjoying the story and content a lot. But I’d love to ask you all for more specifics. What were your favorite narrative moments? What did you like about the content? About the way it was told? And of course, I want to hear what you think we can still do better on.

Thanks in advance to everyone for their comments. I’m very excited to be part of such a great game, and to work with such an excellent team of creative people.

So if you’ve played through this new Living World content, go and give her your thoughts!

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