Out of Order Personal Story: Working on it!

Being a relatively newer player, I didn’t know that the Personal Story as it is now has actually been rearranged since the game was launched. However as I got to Chapter 7 of my Personal Story, something was obviously amiss. In cut scenes I was interacting with characters as if I had known them for awhile, only to be introduced to them later on. It was very weird but I chalked it up to me just misremembering things or not noticing something important. However it turns out that I was not missing something – others have been noticing these same continuity errors in the Personal Story for a few months now.

Just a few days ago, communications team lead, Gaile Gray, gave a message from the narrative director:

Thank you so much for your comments. We realize that the changes that were made have impacted the personal story, and we are working to fix this. This requires a good deal of resources, so we do not have a set date for when these fixes will be implemented. We appreciate your patience and will update with more information as it becomes available.

It’s great to hear that these errors are being worked on. It’s unfortunate that this may take quite awhile. It makes me wonder whether I should bother doing the rest of my Personal Story or wait until it gets fixed? Or does it even matter now that I’m already part way through?

If you are currently working through the story what will you do? Wait or just work through it?

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