The Great MMO Face-Off of 2014 – Round 2

It’s time for round 2! Voting ends on  Friday, December 12th at 11pm ET, and then continue with Round 3 on Tuesday December 16th. 

Head over to MMORPG To cast your vote

Guild Wars faces off against powerhouse Dungeons And Dragons Online.

As of this posting, the voting is TIED! So this looks like it’s going to be close one till the end!


Guild Wars 2 is pitted against Star Wars The Old Republic this round.

As of this posting, GW2 has a slight lead




  1. Oh my gosh! Drac who are you going to vote for? You’re on a DDO podcast AND a Guild Wars podcast!

    • draculetta /

      I know.. II thought that too when I saw that! I was like.. Torn.. So Torn..

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