Big Changes to GW2 Daily Achievement System Coming Dec 16

Today ArenaNet put up a new blog post outlining some pretty big changes coming to the Daily Achievement system. It’s a pretty lengthy post and it goes into a lot of detail about how the new system is going to work. I’ll pull out some highlights here for you but if you’re interested in the nitty-gritty, you can go read the post in its entirety here.

  • Daily Achievement System update coming December 16
  • After Decemeber, no more Monthly Achievements!
  • Daily achievements split into three categories: PvE, PvP and WvW
  • Achievements also split up based on difficulty
  • Based on what achievements you complete, you get different rewards (instead of the generic Mystic Coin, Karma, and Luck Boost you get currently you might get WvW XP Boosts for completing WvW achievements)
  • New meta-achievement for completing any 3 achievements in a given category


On top of all these changes to the Daily Achievement system, they are also working on a new Log-In Rewards system that looks and acts kind of like an advent calendar. It includes the rewards we currently get from Dailies and Monthlies as well as some pretty awesome new ones – like a chest guaranteed to give you an exotic usable by your profession. Every time you log in (even if you miss a day or two), you get to claim a reward and the ‘calendar’ resets after 28 log-ins. It sounds like the these rewards build up in quality, too: “There are 28 individual rewards on the track, each one building toward an epic chest containing a permanent 1% increase to account gold find and your choice of either ascended crafting materials, materials necessary for crafting your legendary weapon (including mystic clovers), an additional sum of laurels, or tomes of knowledge.”

While I’m going to miss my Monthly achievements, this change to the system sounds pretty interesting. I guess we’ll find out how it works in practice next week!

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