Select Guild Wars 2 Statues on sale

TOPOP (Who makes some pretty darn amazing statues) , is featuring three fantastic Guild Wars 2 statues in their December sale

Guild Wars 2 Rytlock Brimstone: Hero of Charr Figure Statue
This Blood Legion charr was stationed in the Black Citadel as part of its vanguard. Now, he’s available for reassignment to your home or office. This 11” PVC statue comes with 10 interchangeable accessories, including a right hand that wields the legendary sword Sohothin.

Yours For 89.99



This one is pretty darn cool


Guild Wars 2 the Shatterer Dragon Statue
The Shatterer patrols the Dragonbrand within Blazeridge Steppes, overseeing the Branded within. Now, this 8” PVC-and-resin replica is ready to stand guard for you. The statue features the Guild Wars 2 logo emblazoned on its platform.

71h5H259pNL._SL1028_99.99 and it’s yours!


And my favorite (with the Felicia Day connection and all)


Guild Wars 2 Zojja with Golem USB Flash Drive and USB Hub Figure Statue Set
Zojja is a highly respected asuran elementalist, golemancer, and member of the College of Synergetics. This beautiful replica features fully articulated arms, including one equipped with a light-up function. The Zojja figure also doubles as a 16 GB flash drive for storing your own knowledge. Accompanying Zojja is a golem with fully articulated arms, four USB ports, and a light-up function on its eye and chest.

711FhImI1lL._SL1028_89.99 and you can have this on your desk! (or you can buy it for me) 🙂


These would make some pretty amazing Christmas gifts for any Guild wars 2 fan on your list!





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  1. That Shatterer one is definitely pretty cool! I feel like the Rhytlock one would be cooler (and more recognizable as Rhytlock) if he didn’t have the helmet and/or had Sohothin.

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