Guild Wars Players News #3 Delayed

Hey everyone! Unfortunately Episode 3 of Guild Wars Players News will be delayed and won’t be out until later this week. Due to some updates with the software we use to talk and record, our podcast did not record when we did it live this Thursday (you lucky people who were in the Mixlr chat got to hear it though!). We plan to re-record the podcast in a few days and will promptly put it up for download and on YouTube.

We’re very sorry for this and will definitely be making efforts in the future to make sure it doesn’t happen again.

On top of that, Episode 4 will be one week later than normal (since next Thursday is December 25). It will be recorded live on Thursday, January 1 and 8:30PM EST.


  1. Insult Asura, technology fails. Coincidence?

  2. Any way you can pull the recorded version from Mixlr?

  3. Bruthvo /

    *sigh* and of course this is the episode I miss live.

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