Guild Wars Players News #3: Blame the Asura

Due to Cithryth and Ethelros’ continued disdain for the asura, technology failed us this week so we had to re-record the episode. We do manage to have lots of discussion about the new Daily Achievements system, the original Guild Wars, and lore.

Game News

Guild Wars Players News


The Mists

  • oldest thing in existence
  • “the proto-reality that exists between the worlds, constituting the fabric of time and space that connects the multiverse together” – GW2 Wiki
  • So kind of like space, but not?
  • Different worlds exist within the Mists (including Tyria) with different histories, realities, etc.
  • When people die they go to the Mists, people can get stuck within the Mists
  • Only accessible to us through portals
  • It’s where we do WvW and PvP!
  • Fractals of the Mists – instance/dungeon cluster going through various chunks of realities in the Mists

What did you do this week in-game?

  • Cithryth – Living World Season 2 (eps 3, 4, 5) – Ghost fight in DR P2 was insane; New sylvari ranger (because pets); Wintersday stuff; World Boss timers; changed mesmer’s name to Cythnae; started reading Ghosts of Ascalon (over half way through)
  • Draculetta – Ranger To lvl 43 Personal Story, world boss (Frozen Maw, Jungle Worm, Shadow Behemoth) Winterdays Stuff,  Ele to Lvl 26 (world boss Shadow Behemoth)  Necro to lvl 28 Vanquished a few areas in Guild Wars (Working on titles)
  • Ethelros – New Sylvari Mesmer to 22, Jumping Puzzles, new Norn Ranger to 5, Guardian to 19, Snowden Drifts


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In-game mail from Devious Engineer:

“Thanks for the new podcast. It’s nice to hear the perspective of a player new to Guild Wars 2. Keep up the good work.”

Comment from Tapkoh on the Great MMO Showdown post:

“Sorry, but TSW is my game.

Plus, nobody there calls my characters abominations. ;p”

Comment from Tapkoh on the Episode 3 Delay announcement post:

“Insult Asura, technology fails. Coincidence?”

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  1. It’s really great to hear a new player perspective *as* a new player to GW2.

    One thing that’s exceedingly difficult to do as a longtime player/podcaster is to convey basic information (over and over again) so that it’s understandable and not overwhelming to the newbie. It’s easy to fall into the trap of assuming that everybody is at the same level that you are, and has had similar in-game experiences. As a veteran player/podcaster for a different game and also a newbie to GW2, I’ve seen both sides of this coin. The ideal situation seems to be to find a podcast that is discovering the game at the same time as, or slightly ahead of, you. Lucky for me, I’ve found that sweet spot with this podcast. Keep up the great work, my friends!

    • Thank you Brax!I think being new players gives us a mix of advantages and disadvantages in terms of podcasting – we’re at a disadvantage because we might not understand some of the news that comes out but we’re at an advantage for all the reasons you stated. It’s good to know that ‘new player experience’ helps the podcast along!

  2. Speaking of “new player experience,” I’d be interested in hearing what everyone thinks of that, provided anyone experienced the “old” way.

    If that was too subtle, I’m talking about the big update that came out a few months ago that changed how leveling functions.

    • It’s interesting. To me it’s odd seeing the changes to the quest areas(no early water combat and no bundles skills). While most may not like this, the new version of weapon skill unlock(at levels for all weapons rather than each weapons based on kills) I rather like.
      Overall it slower, but that is not necessarily a bad thing.
      I would have liked them to have broken the capping of the personal story up a bit. Rather than it reappearing at level 10, maybe some at 6 then 8 then of course 10(to keep up the slowdowns of the key farms).

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