Weekly Outfit – Dec 21

This week’s outfit comes to us courtesy of Nathrien, who I know as a wonderful cosmetic blogger for Lord of the Rings: Online. Nathrien has sent us some great shots of their human elementalist!

Weapon: Zenith Spire
Head: Feathered Headpiece
Shoulders: Winged Mantle
Chest: Winged Tunic
Legs: Winged Pants
Hands: Winged Gloves
Feet: Winged Boots
Dye colors: Celestial, Thistle, Antique Gold
Great screenshots and color coordination! Thanks for sending these shots in, Nathrien!
Nathrien_Zephyr Nathrien_Zephyr2 Nathrien_Zephyr3

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  1. Thank you so much for posting this outfit!

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