Weekly Outfit – Dec 29

This week’s outfit comes to us from Xerokitsune again and this time he’s sent us a picture of his charr warrior!

The Head, Shoulders, Body, Legs, and Feet are Warband Tier 1 Cultural armor.
Heavy Fused Gauntlets for hands
Zephyr Rucksack for backpiece
Weapons are Phoenix Sword and Phoenix Reborn axe.
Dyes used are Amber, Redemption, Celestial, Icing, Pewter, Pumpkin, and Wisper.
Xerokitsune says this about the screenshots:
This is my Char Warrior, with this one I’m including a picture of him running. The reason being I’ve gotten a few messages from players stating they confused my character with an dolyak.
Thanks for sending in another great outfit!

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