Guild Wars Players News #4: Not Industrial Waste

A new year means a new podcast episode! After a brief break for the holidays, this week we are back to talk about the complexities of Guild Wars, the Durmand Priory, and how boring humans are.

Game News

Guild Wars Players News


The Foefire

  • 1090 AE
  • The charr had already completed the Searing and sacked the once-capital of Ascalon, Rin (located where the Black Citadel is now)
  • The charr were in the process of sieging the new capital, Ascalon City
  • In a desperate attempt to kill the charr, King Adelbern used a spell and his flaming sword, Magdaer to kill off all the charr in Ascalon
  • The side effect though was that all the humans died as well and turned into ghosts who will kill anyone who comes near them

What did you do this week in-game?

  • Cithryth – Sylvari Ranger lvl 9 – 22, used total makeover kit; Sylvari Elementalist lvl 42 – 50, Durmand Priory; Charr Thief lvl 24 – 31; Norn Guardian lvl 35 – 42; Deleted human warrior because ugh humans are so boring; Created sylvari warrior (based on jacaranda tree); Sylvari Mesmer – jumping puzzles w/ Ethelros; Finished Ghosts of Ascalon and started Edge of Destiny.
  • Draculetta – Norn Ranger to lvl 52 Personal Story. Some Crafting (Huntsman)  Asuran Ele to Lvl 33 Personal Story Chose Durmand Priory Human Necro to lvl 32 Personal Story Chose Vigil.  Finished Monthly, 1,000 Pt Reward Chest, Ran  Winters Day Final Guild Wars (A few times)
  • Ethelros – Completed Monthly Achievement; Mesmer to 35, Personal Story (chose Durmand Priory), used Total Makeover Kit, bought 35 Cultural Armour; Human Ranger to 10, white hair cause can


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Comment from Braxwolf on GWPN #3:

“It’s really great to hear a new player perspective *as* a new player to GW2.

One thing that’s exceedingly difficult to do as a longtime player/podcaster is to convey basic information (over and over again) so that it’s understandable and not overwhelming to the newbie. It’s easy to fall into the trap of assuming that everybody is at the same level that you are, and has had similar in-game experiences. As a veteran player/podcaster for a different game and also a newbie to GW2, I’ve seen both sides of this coin. The ideal situation seems to be to find a podcast that is discovering the game at the same time as, or slightly ahead of, you. Lucky for me, I’ve found that sweet spot with this podcast. Keep up the great work, my friends!”

In-game mail from Particle Shift:

“Greetings Podcaster Cithryth,

Here are some viles of um… DYE? Yup, dye, definitely not industrial waste from my lab. Definitely dyes. You like all the pretty colors and a splash of this will definitely make your materials… colored.

This gift is provided by the Arcane Council.

PR Representative of the Arcane Council,

Particle Shift

Well that should take care of my community service for that ‘misshap’ now back to… Are you still recording? Stop dictation you obsolete construct I should dismantle you…”

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  1. #necroplayers Your best friends when the zombie apocalypse happens.

    On a slightly less serious note, I am totally available to help with Guild Wars, in or out of game, even if you called my characters abominations (though charges may apply in that case). Anyone can leave a comment on one of the things I’ve written, add Toiben Firehammer as a friend in Guild Wars*, or if you want to try to catch me during one of my biweekly 10-minute sessions of GW2, add Tapkoh.4061.

    Looking back, Guild Wars is not easy to digest when you’re used to the conventions of today. I’m giving my 2nd best effort to make it easier though.

    *All friends are account friends by default in GW and that’s the easiest character name I have to spell/remember right now. You’re welcome.

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