Guild Wars Players News #5: Role-playing Charr

This week brought some news about the end of Season 2 and also some interesting interactions with other players in-game!

Game News

Guild Wars Players News


The Searing

  • 1070 AE (255 years before Gw2)
  • Flame Legion shaman used giant cauldrons from their gods, the titans, to bring down giant crystals crashing into Ascalon
  • Drastically changed the weather of the area – land dried up and lots of plant and animal extinction
  • Allowed the Charr to cross the Great Northern Wall that had previously kept them out of Ascalon
  • You can still see some of these crystals throughout Ascalon today in GW2

What did you do this week in-game?

  • Cithryth – Ascalonian Catacombs, Caudecus’ Manor w/ Drac & Ethelros; Tons of jumping puzzles with Ethelros (Not So Secret = the worst), some also with Drac → Gerek Stormshadow, the charr who RP’d us through a jumping puzzle in Blazeridge Steppes; Discovered the GW2 Tumblr community is quite active; Possibly swearing off the Living Story for good(Hidden Arcana instance is destroying my soul); Ele lvl 50 – 61; Made a sylvari guardian because OMG he is so pretty tho
  • Draculetta – Ranger to 62 Personal Story (Sad),  Bought Tier 2 Cult. Armor,  Ascalonian Catacombs, Caudecus’ Manor w/ Cithryth & Ethelros, Jumping Puzzles, may or may not have spent 7g on the trading post on an Zojja mini because Felicia Day. Necromancer to lvl 37. Ele to Lvl 34
  • Ethelros – Mesmer to 58, Personal Story(chose Quaggans study); JPs for days(foo Griffons); Ran story dungeons with Drac and Cithryth; made money via selling crafting mats; finished Ghosts of Ascalon


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Braxwolf writes:

“This crew is fairly new to the game at this point, and does a nice job of going over not only current news in the game but also in getting back to basics. Very helpful for a fellow newbie like me!”

Featured Comments

Tapkoh commented on the “Point of No Return” trailer:

“Wait, a dwarf? I thought they weren’t in GW2. Who? When? Where?”

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  1. You brighten my day by telling me I could hang out with my old friend Ogden Stonehealer again (thus giving me a reason to level, which brings me to a grand total of 1 reason), but then take my happiness and dash it upon the jagged rocks of your hateful comments. Asura, necromancers, and now dwarfs? If you guys wanted me to quit hanging around, you could have just asked.

    I usually feel a tinge of regret at being “that guy”, but all of a sudden, I don’t feel that bad about this. Correction: You cannot reach Cantha by land. The Crystal Desert leads into the Desolation area of Elona. Cantha is across the sea from both Tyria and Elona. Unless you have a water-walking spell or a land bridge has formed or something, you ain’t walking there.

    • draculetta /

      My dislike of the Dwarf spans many many games.. and many many years 🙂 but I am on your said with the Ausra and Necro’s.. We need to band to together and fight this injustice being done to your race and class!! 🙂

      And correct.. after I listened back to the show, I thought DOH! I misspoke there! I should have stated what you said, We could go into the Crystal Desert, which would lead to the Desolation of Elona.. I failed in my GW Geography!

      • Fine, but we’re going to get you over your irrational racism when we’re done!

        Personally, I don’t want to go back to the Desolation. Acquiring those mounts was way too much trouble and they smelled funny.

  2. A bit of information about living story season 2 vs the personal story and original dungeon paths in levels of difficulty. Originally the the content was based off the players using blues and greens. Exotics were meant to be a long progression to gain. Legendarys being held by a few players making them well legendary.

    Exotics in actuality ended up being easier to gain than expected. With the addition ascended, some players now have a slight edge making the content that much easier. To make matters more frustrating to the developers was a lot of the abilitys and stats were being ignored in favor of the dominate game theory of berserker’s gear(also known as the zerker meta).

    During the run of season 1, the developers had time to learn with the community what worked and how players were going through content.
    So when the newer dungeon paths, fractals and season two of the living stories are made for level 80 players wearing exotics. Also season 2 especially has been looking to make the zerker meta less relevant. Much of this has been done using new game mechanics, that especially lately have made some builds difficult in sections. All of the living story season 2 steps(on the first pass/normal mode) can be completed solo, but it’s challenging and made to be that way.
    One of the best ways to lower the difficulty as well as add more fun is by grouping up.

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