New To The Gem Store

Here is a run down of the new items in the Gem Store This Week

Mordrem Weapons

  • In the war against the Mordrem, we cannot afford to waste valuable resources. Our talented smiths have extracted various Mordrem parts to create a new batch of weapons available in exchange for Black Lion Claim Tickets.


  • Mini Rox

    This valiant hero is now immortalized in miniature form. Look toward this mini when times get tough for inspiration to be just as courageous as Rox herself.

  • Ghostly Mail Courier

    With the Ghostly Mail Courier mail carrier selected, your mail will be hand-delivered to the recipient by a vigilant specter. This tireless apparition will patiently wait until the recipient is out of combat to deliver mail anywhere in the world.

  • New Colors for Hair and Eyes

    Enjoy some of our most extreme eye and hair colors yet in the Total Makeover Kit-and remember that new hair colors are also accessible through the Self-Style Hair Kit!

    You can ssee all of them here

  • Minis 3-Pack (Set 3)

    The Minis 3-Pack (Set 3) is only available for one more week. After this week, we are retiring this random pack of minis.


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