Guild Wars Players News #6: Point of No Return

The Point of No Return has been reached! We talk about our reactions and thoughts on this new story revelation as well as our thoughts on the Living Story gameplay and mechanics.

Game News

Guild Wars Players News


Destiny’s Edge

  • Band of heros lead by the norn, Eir Stegalkin
  • Snaff & Zojja, asuran golemancers; Caithe the sylvari; Rytlock Brimstone the charr; Logan Thackeray, Queen Jennah’s champion;
  • Originally composed of two groups: Edge of Steel (Brimstone, Thackeray, & Caithe) and Dragonspawn’s Destiny (Eir, Garm, Snaff & Zojja)
  • Brought together because Eir was tired of seeing norn go off to fight the Dragonspawn only to turn into his minions
  • Successfully killed the dragonspawn of Jormag, Mogus Lethe (one of Zhaitan’s champions near Lion’s Arch), and the Destroyer of Life (champion of Primordus in the Maguuma Jungle)
  • Went to fight Glint, the champion of Kralkatorrik, only to discover she had betrayed him
  • Instead, Kralkatorrik woke up and flew south to meet them (causing the Dragon Brand)
  • DE attempted to fight & kill Kralkatorrik however at the last minute Logan was called away by Queen Jennah, leaving the group insufficiently defended.
  • Failing to defeat Kralkatorrik and the death of one of their members caused the group to split and they all still harbour ill feelings towards one another

What did you do this week in-game?

  • Cithryth – Ethelros & I played for 6 straight hours because we are definitely adults; Played some with Andang & Brax on my ranger; Elementalist to 80; Deleted charr thief, replaced with sylvari thief because salads
  • Draculetta – Norn Ranger To 80. Total Makeover Kit Fire Hair/Eyes Cause Red. Personal Story LVL 70 The Battle of Fort Trinity
  • Ethelros – Mesmnerd to 80; 50%+ map completion, Straits of Devastation is rough


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Featured Comments

Xerokitsune commented on Episode 5:

“A bit of information about living story season 2 vs the personal story and original dungeon paths in levels of difficulty. Originally the the content was based off the players using blues and greens. Exotics were meant to be a long progression to gain. Legendarys being held by a few players making them well legendary.

Exotics in actuality ended up being easier to gain than expected. With the addition ascended, some players now have a slight edge making the content that much easier. To make matters more frustrating to the developers was a lot of the abilitys and stats were being ignored in favor of the dominate game theory of berserker’s gear(also known as the zerker meta).

During the run of season 1, the developers had time to learn with the community what worked and how players were going through content.

So when the newer dungeon paths, fractals and season two of the living stories are made for level 80 players wearing exotics. Also season 2 especially has been looking to make the zerker meta less relevant. Much of this has been done using new game mechanics, that especially lately have made some builds difficult in sections. All of the living story season 2 steps(on the first pass/normal mode) can be completed solo, but it’s challenging and made to be that way.

One of the best ways to lower the difficulty as well as add more fun is by grouping up.”

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  1. For future reference, you can get a “free” Self-Style Hair Kit by completing one of the achievements in the latest Living Story episode. You will also get a Total Makeover Kit for every 5k achievement points.

    As for Trahearne-hating from what I gather he’s mostly hated by people who haven’t played a sylvari, for those he pops up in the second half of the personal story and they feel like he’s stealing their spotlight. Whereas we, who are playing the best race. we meet him early on so we get to know him better. Some people also don’t like him for the voice acting, which I don’t get either, as if there is a base for what a plant person should sound like. 🙂

  2. SilverStargazer /

    Hi guys, really enjoying the podcast; it’s very professional and you’ve really hit the ground running. As a veteran since beta (albeit still a filthy casual), I enjoy hearing about the experiences of newer players.

    Cithryth, it’s a shame to hear how difficult you’re finding the LW chapters and that it’s becoming a detriment to your enjoyment of the game. Many of your comments remind me of players’ general perception of dungeons just after launch, but as we grew more accustomed to game mechanics and our builds, the difficulty dropped away until they became largely trivial.

    I find GW2’s gameplay to be subtly complex and gaining mastery over your profession can take a deceptively long time. It doesn’t help that the majority of open-world encounters, as well as the Personal Story, do little to encourage high-level play, so I can understand how the LW chapters would seem unfairly punishing.

    However, the Living World is generally designed as end-game content and the difficulty is tuned as such. I solo’d all chapters (except the last) on my elementalist and found it to be challenging enough to keep me engaged while still rarely dying, which is pretty much spot on.

    My advice would be to complete the LW chapters with friends while you’re still new to playing your character at level 80. You’ll all enjoy it a lot more and hopefully come to enjoy that zen-like feeling of mastery together!

    Again, keep up the great work on the podcast. I love hearing everyone’s enthusiasm for GW2 and I hope you’ll all be sticking around for a long time to come!

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