Guild Wars Players News #7: HYPE TRAIN CHOO CHOO

All aboard the hype train! Just two days away from ArenaNet’s big Guild Wars 2 PAX South announcement panel, Draculetta and Cithryth make some predictions about what is going to be in this big announcement. We also introduce a new segment of the show to answer new player questions!

Game News

Guild Wars Players News


Flame Legion

  • One of the 4 Charr “High Legions”
  • Discovered the titans – fire servants of the human god, Abaddon (though they didn’t know this at the time of course)
  • Titans gave magic to the charr in exchange for worshipping them as gods
  • Did not allow female charr on the battlefield and forced them to stay in their homes (which is why you never fight any Flame Legion females
  • They are the ones responsible for the Searing
  • When the titans were defeated, the hold the Flame legion had on the other legions weakened
  • After a series of rebellions from the other legions, the Flame legion was left behind as the rest of the charr turned away from magic and toward a technocracy

What did you do this week in-game?

  • Cithryth – Finally beat ‘Not So Secret’ jumping puzzle (Jumping Puzzles – brought to you by swear words and mesmer portals!); Warrior lvl 6 – 27
  • Draculetta – Ranger finished lvl 70 PS. Ele to lvl 35 (Still a lack of Felicia Day in my game play)

GW2 Academy

“What are the rules with respect to salvaging and selling items? I can sell or salvage almost everything in Guild Wars, but a lot of the gear I get in GW2 I can do neither with. Do I just trash these items when I have no further use for them?”


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Featured Comments

Thank you all SO much for all the reddit comments/YouTube comments/emails/in-game whispers! We’re so glad you enjoy the show so far!

Fredelas commented on the PAX 2015 Hype:

“It’s probably just a coincidence, but the timing of the sale couldn’t be better, with ESO’s recent announcement renewing interest in the B2P model. Why wait another month or two to get ESO for $59.99 when you can get GW2 for $9.99 this weekend?”

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  1. I would welcome someone else also writing about the superior* game in the series. I’m still bitter about running The Shadow Nexus several times just to get my very last hero armor piece, so HoM is all yours (or someone else’s). 😛

    As a follow up to the email question, I recently discovered why you just have to junk so much gear. Within the first week of GW2 being out, people were using karma to buy stuff, salvaging it, and using those mats to make stuff to vendor. Essentially, it was a means of converting karma to gold (with good turnover, no less), which Anet really didn’t like. They even called it an exploit and banned people for it. So karma gear and such has been bound, un-sellable, and un-salvageable ever since. Unless you’re buying/crafting gear, karma is where you’ll get a lot of upgrades and makes it seem like you can’t salvage much of anything.

    *Based on number of dwarfs.

  2. You can junk them or if possible flush them in the Mystic Toilet. Given all the broken delayed promises anet has made since launch I am waiting till after release to purchase the xpac.Once I see how it actually plays not just how they say it will.

    • First no one tells me there are dwarfs and now I hear about this? Where is this mystic porcelain receptacle? What else are you guys hiding?

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