Heart of Thorns Announcement Recap

The official ArenaNet panel at PAX South just ended and it has been confirmed – Heart of Thorns is the new Guild Wars 2 expansion! They didn’t go into a ton of detail on every feature they announced, but here is a quick run-down of the new stuff:

  • No new level cap
  • No new tier of gear to grind for
  • Masteries
    • By completing different types of challenges you can earn Mastery points for all characters across your account to spend on new skills
    • Hang-gliders are something you can get Mastery in!
  • Profession specializations
    • Acts like a ‘second profession’
    • One example: Rangers will be able to specialize as Druids, allowing them to use staves, new healing, elite, and utility skills
  • New class: revenant
    • Heavy armor
    • Channels and controls the powers of the Mists
    • Taps into legends of the past, like King Jalis, the dwarf
  • New WvW Borderlands map
  • New PvP mode: Stronghold
  • Guild Halls
    • build and progress the Hall and your Guild

Below is the trailer that was shown during the stream:

If you want more information, head over to the official Heart of Thorns site!

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  1. “Taps into legends of the past, like King Jalis, the dwarf”



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