Issues with Getting GW2 Codes, Sale Extended

With this weekend’s huge 75% off sale for the digital versions of Guild Wars 2, many people have been purchasing the game. Unfortunately some people are having issues with their purchase. After purchasing, some people are not receiving the game code email. ArenaNet has been asking people on the forums to provide all the information they can so that they can help resolve the issue as soon as possible. Since so many are having issues, the 75% off sale has been extended until 9am Pacific Time (17:00GMT).

If you’re having issues with receiving your code, please make sure to log in to the forums and provide the information requested by Gaile Gray, the communications team lead. Such information could help them find the solution faster!

Update: The problem has been sorted! According to a recent post on the official Guild Wars 2 Facebook page, you need not fear about your missing code – the codes are just coming out a bit delayed.


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  1. Andang /

    When one of my friends got it this weekend, they didn’t have the code sent to them either but it is still there on the purchase page so as long as you don’t close that, you should be fine.

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