More Details on Upcoming HoT Features and Game Changes

More information and details have been leaking out today regarding the features promised for Heart of Thorns as well as game changes related to HoT. Shacknews today posted a long interview with GW2 game director, Colin Johanson. Although much of the interview is the same information we got during the PAX South announcement, there are also some key details that have been added in. Below I’ve pulled out a few key quotes from the article, but you can see the full interview for yourself here.

Each of the professions will be getting one of these Specializations and this also is a framework that we’ll use to grow the professions in the future.

So with the release of Heart of Thorns, it seems that each profession will only get one possible specialization – which means the choice is either to specialize or remain the same.

So you can channel the great Dwarf king, King Jalis Ironhammer, and it makes your character much of a front line, tank-y character with abilities to help him survive fighting face-to-face with your enemies. Or you can channel the demon Malik and get the abilities to control the conditions in combat and become much stronger in DPS, supporting your party by removing conditions from them to protect them. Those are the examples of the types of things that a Revenant can do when channeling a legend and each legend that’s going to be available to a Revenant really defines a different play style that’s available for that profession.

This is some great new detail about the upcoming revenant profession. I was certainly wondering what types of legends we would be taping into and it’s cool to hear more about what these legends will allow us to do.

Right now, we didn’t feel that a new race was a key need for the game, whereas the other things that we’re adding really provide fundamental building blocks for the future.

Johanson goes much more in-depth in the article about why they decided not to bring in a new playable race. Ultimately they felt that it didn’t bring enough new and unique gameplay whereas the other features they are adding are focused on adding to the game mechanics.

Besides the Shacknews article, Johanson has been busy on the official GW2 forums as well. He took to the forums to let people know that changes to the current system of unlocking traits are coming based on the Mastery system:

Now that the HOT is out of the bag, we’re able to update this thread with more details. With the introduction of the new account based mastery system for end-game progression and growth in PvE, we’ll also be re-evaluating our other systems of character progression to ensure they match our over-all pillars and goals for Gw2.

In doing so: we’re going to be removing the current trait unlocking system currently on live and replacing it with a more simplified system that supports where skills-traits-specializations are going in the future. We’ll go into more details between now and the release of HOT on how skills, traits, and specializations will work in the new Gw2 world.


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