Get Started in Guild Wars, Part 2

In part 1, I guided you along the first steps of completing Factions and listed the various profession quests.  We’ll pick up from you talking to Master Togo after turning in your primary quest.

After talking to Togo, he will instruct you to pick a secondary profession and offers seven new quests, corresponding to the other professions.  These quests are the ones from part 1 that you did not do initially.  Again, you must complete at least the one for the profession you want as secondary or Togo will not provide the quest to actually choose one.  I highly recommend you do all of the quests though, as they provide more skills, more experience, and more gold.  Take all the quests and go speak to the headmasters to get started.

Approaching from the south, I flag my NPCs here and then use a bow to pull some naga to them.

Approaching from the south, I flag my NPCs here and then use a bow to pull some naga to them.

Side Note: At this point you can afford to unlock Xunlai storage and I recommend you do so.  If you don’t already, you should soon have enough gold to buy the armor upgrades as well, since they too only cost 100 gold.  However, you will lack the materials necessary, most likely.  You can check with Yimou [Material Trader] to see if you can afford the materials you need and/or continue to salvage item drops.  Alternatively, just shoot me a message when I’m online.  I’m more than happy to give anyone gold and materials for this stuff or to help in any other way, for that matter.

Pro Tip: Whenever you are presented with the dialogue option “Teach me [profession] skills,” choose it!  Even if you do not want to actually equip and use them, just learning the skills makes them available to you and unlocks them on your account if not already unlocked.  The headmasters, the first profession trainer, and the second profession trainer ALL have this dialogue and ALL provide different skills.  Always pick that option to learn all of the skills you can.  If you really want to keep particular skills for the time being, you can go back to whoever gave them to you and ask for them again.

After completing your initial training and seeing Togo, you will have five sidequests available.  You do not have to do them, but I highly recommend doing one in particular for the free Belt Pouch you get as a reward.  The other four only provide experience, gold, and Monastery Credits.  You’ll be running around these areas for the profession quests, so it’s not like they’re out of the way.

Neing the Trainer (Monastery): This is the Belt Pouch quest.  Head to Kaitan Village in Panjiang, talk to the NPC, beat up some bandits, and then talk to the NPC again.  Return to Neing for the reward.

I ran across the bridge and repositioned here after the first fight. Start here and move the flag up the hill if things start going badly.

I ran across the bridge and repositioned here after the first fight. Start here and move the flag up the hill if things start going badly.

Captain Zhingu (Monastery): This quest is potentially very difficult.  The easy part is talking to an NPC in Tsumei Village, but then you must go north of Tsumei in Sunqua to a lake and clear out the naga.  This can be challenging since some of them have powerful AoE spells and it is very easy to over-aggro.  If you have a bow, flag your henchmen like I show in the pictures and carefully pull groups apart.  If you’re having trouble, you can always come back later or ask for help.

Farmer Zinhao (Panjiang): He’s at the edge of Kaitan Village and has a simple fetch quest.  Go to the Monastery, talk to Suhkaro, and return to Zinhao.

Tahbo Paa (Kinya): This guy is right by the Panjiang exit in Kinya.  He wants you to escort him to the Aerie.  It’s a straightforward escort quest.  Just be aware he will attack anything that comes close, so you might as well aggro everything yourself first and take things slowly so he doesn’t get himself and you killed.

Wulk Cragfist (Sunqua): He starts out as a hostile yeti in the mountains south of the Kinya Province exit.  Don’t be worried about him being level 12.  He’s not that tough.  Once you beat him down, he will offer a quest to help him kill some tengu.  Follow him and let him run in first to tank them.  Then you can freely kill the tengu and claim your reward.  This quest offers more experience than the others.

If you /kneel at resurrection shrines and the world has the blessing of the gods, they will offer you buffs, for a price.

If you /kneel at resurrection shrines and the world has the favor of the gods, they will offer you buffs, for a price.

After completing the sidequests and profession quests that you want, return to Togo and turn them in.  Then, you can choose your secondary profession.  Which one you pick is up to personal preference and despite what he says you CAN change it, but only much later on.  You can do a lot of different things, but if you just want something simple and effective, I’ll list some suggestions.

Assassin: Daggers rack up adrenaline quickly, making the adrenaline skills of the warrior readily available.  Warrior stances can help with either damage or survival, too.

Elementalist: You can go with monk or ritualist to gain some off-heals and hard rezzes. Mesmer probably offers the most utility though.

Mesmer: Monks have signets as well, which synergize with mesmer skills that affect signets and Fast Casting allows rezzes to be cast much faster. Necromancer hexes synergize very well with many mesmer skills, too.

Monk: Honestly, monks are very self-sufficient so your secondary doesn’t matter. Mesmer is good for energy management. Warrior, ranger, and assassin offer some means to help with survival (stances, movement speed boosts, etc).

This is the Zaishen Scout. Think of him as Big Brother since he's everywhere.

This is the Zaishen Scout. Think of him as Big Brother since he’s everywhere.

Necromancer: Like I said above, some mesmer skills gel with necromancer hexes and mesmer energy skills can help until you get a decent amount in Soul Reaping. If you suddenly decided you want to be a healer, go monk or ritualist. Some ranger spirits go well with minion master builds.

Ranger: The Expertise attribute allows rangers to choose almost any secondary and make it work well. Necromancer and ranger both have Touch skills.  Choose warrior or assassin if you want to use their respective weapon skills.  Choosing ritualist allows you to use both ranger and ritualist spirits.  If you want to stick with a bow, then Kindle Arrows + Conjure Flame from an elementalist provides a LOT of damage against most foes.

Ritualist: Ritualist healers lack hex removal, so choosing monk or mesmer would make up for that, if you want to heal. The ranger/ritualist spirit spammer works better for rangers, but it’s an option still. Some ritualist skills affect the summoning of necromancer undead minions too.

Warrior: Ranger has Touch skills, decent self-healing, condition removal, and a pet.  Assassin offers mobility and better self-heals and condition removal than a warrior has.  Necromancer Touch skills are self-heals and condition removal.

The Zaishen quest givers are actual stick people.

The Zaishen quest givers are actual stick people.

After choosing a secondary profession, Togo offers a quest called A Formal Introduction.  Go ahead and take it, but first return to your Headmaster in the Monastery.  They will give you the wrapper quest to get your profession’s insignia.

After receiving this quest, you will then have multiple quests available from Ng, based on your primary and secondary professions.  You cannot accept all at once and must do them one at a time, if you want to do them.  I highly suggest at least taking the quests, as simply taking them grants you more skills.  If you do finish all the training necessary to get your insignia (you don’t actually get an insignia by the way), then it opens up a profession-specific finale quest that ties into your initial quest line.  I’ll let you do that one on your own as by this point, you should be familiar enough with the areas and how the game works.

If you’ve done everything you possibly could by this point, you should be around level 12.  I told you that you’ll hit 20 early and you are already 2/3 of the way there before even doing one mission.  You can buy skills from the skill trainer in the Monastery if you want, but I’d first do some research into which ones are worth it.

When you are prepared to advance, head to Sunqua Vale and talk to Togo right outside the Monastery exit.  Follow him and Yijo north to Minister Cho’s Estate as they, much to my annoyance, fight everything in their path even if it doesn’t attack them first.  Talk to the guard when you get there to get a cutscene before being dumped in the mission staging area.  To start the mission, you can click the Start Mission button in the party menu, but first, take note of the NPC named Zaishen Scout.

Snow White here will send you home.

Snow White here will send you home.

Side Note: Zaishen Scouts will take you to Embark Beach, where you can access NPC services and accept Zaishen quests. The Zaishen have four daily quests available that grant extra rewards for doing something else in game: one mission, one bounty (kill a boss), one vanquish, and one PVP.  Look at the mission and the bounty.  If the mission and/or the boss in question are in Factions (you will have to look this up: /wiki), then take the quest since you will be able to complete it as you progress anyway.  You can have up to 3 of each type of quest in your quest log at a time.  If you complete any, return here and talk to Zehnchu near the boat for experience, gold, and Zaishen coins.  It’s never too early to start earning Zaishen coins.  To return to Factions, find Shirayuki [Canthan Travel] and select Shing Jea Island -> Minister Cho’s Estate.
I will not give a walkthrough for the mission since it is very easy and linear.  Most of it is Togo tutorializing anyway so why repeat that here?  Plus, there’s story happening and I don’t want to spoil anything.  The one tip I will give you is to attack the scribes and servants first, since they’re spellcasters.  In addition to your party, you will have Yijo and Togo along to help, the latter of whom is level 20, so you should be ok.

Mission Note: Missions have bonus objectives that grant extra experience and gold.  In Prophecies and Nightfall, these are optional side objectives, like killing optional bosses, escorting optional NPCs, using/not using certain items, and so on.  In Factions, the bonus objective is almost always to complete the mission within an unstated time limit.  I would not worry about the bonus objective on your first time through.  You can do missions as many times as you like, so it’s not as if you lose the opportunity.

When done with the mission, you will be dropped off in Ran Musu Gardens, north of Kinya Province.  Talk to Ang to pick up the next quest that continues the storyline.  Here is where I leave you to try things on your own.  I hope this has been of use to someone, even if it’s to pick apart and tell me how bad I am at games and life and…fishing.  As always, feel free to leave comments, questions, or compliments pertaining to this part below.

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