Don’t Get Stomped; Get Meta!

Hey nerds,

It is Thursday and I’m busy being OP. #meta #nerfit #buffitscounter

I remember the first time I played PvP…or WvW…even dungeons and thinking, “well, I know I’m as green as Fluttershy in episode 20 of season 2, but I’m not THIS bad.” After asking around map chat, it occurred to me that the problem was not my skill level (well, at least not completely)- it was my build; I was a berserker ranger with a shortbow (#boonsonoppositeday #getgood).

That’s when my number one home slice, Lili, (ya know, because I’m the real OG that way) showed me MetaBattle. Within ten minutes, I was laying down phat stacks of bleeds like I was cool or something.

Point is, you don’t need to reinvent the wheel to find a good fit- the community has already done all the work for you. MetaBattle has community designed and voted fits for every scenario and any profession.

Sincerely yours,

Char-Char O’Dell, First Bear-Bow Ranger of the Queen

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