Saving Gold = Losing Gold

Dearest no-lives,

If you are hoarding gold and thinking it is a goof idea, I want you to take a look at this graph from

Oh, look at how worthless your piles of gold have become!

Oh, look at how worthless your piles of gold have become!

This is inflation. The Game Theorists do a great explanation on how inflation works in MMORPGs so I’ll give everyone a minute to watch it. (Saves me a lot of time writing which is good because I’m on a lunch break with 10 minutes left)

If you didn’t go to the link, your #phatloots are devaluing the very gold you receive from selling them but there is nothing you can do about that.

Super Pony Shortbow

On the flip side, most items tend to hold their value while increasing their cost in gold along with inflation. Look at the Super Pony Shortbow and see the graph under it. Over ~3 years (it’s a tab you click on that says “all”), its value has gone up. You’ll see this pattern in mostly anything on the market.

The worst thing you can do to save money is to hold your gold in the bank. Invest it in something that will hold its value over years. Try to find something that has gained 169% or more of its original cost in gold since its introduction, as that’d match the rate of inflation over the last 3 years.

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  1. This is great info. I definitely hadn’t thought of ‘accumulating wealth’ in-game this way but it definitely makes sense. Now time to go find some shiny item to hoard away in my bank 🙂

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