Canthan New Year 2015

Disappointed that you’re not going to Cantha in Heart of Thorns?  Well, now is a good time to visit the original Guild Wars for your Cantha fix as it’s new year’s time!  The wiki page for the event does a much better job going over the unique quests, minigames, and other event details than I could here, so give it a look.  Still, I’ll list the relevant dates and times below.  Times listed are US Pacific time with time in parentheses being UTC.

Starts: Saturday, January 31 at 1200 (2000)

Ends: Saturday, February 7 at 1200 (2000)

Festival vendors disappear Saturday, February 14 at 1200 (2000)

The finale event occurs every 3 hours starting at 0001 (0801) Friday, February 6 and ending at 0001 (0801) Saturday,  February 7.  During this time, everyone present in Shing Jea Monastery and Shing Jea Boardwalk receive items directly in their inventory based on how well that district did collectively at the end of each cycle.  You receive the stuff whether you participated personally or not!  I’m not endorsing being a leech, just pointing out free stuff. 😉

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