Guild Wars Players News #8: Legends of the Mists

The hype train has left the station! We discuss all the new features announced for the upcoming Heart of Thorns expansion, how we feel about them, and our predictions for how they will play out.

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  • One of a twin set of flaming blades, the other sword being Magdaer
  • Originally wielded by Prince Rurik, son of King Adelbern of Ascalon (who wielded Magdaer)
  • Created in Orr
  • Lost when Rurik died crossing the Shiverpeak Mountains from Ascalon to Kryta
  • Reappeared briefly in the Ring of Fire when a reanimated Rurik was forced to fight for a necromancer – however then the volcano erupted
  • Now mysteriously wielded by Rytlock Brimstone – no one really knows how he got it
  • Some believe that Sohothin could be used to reverse the Foefire – the spell that King Adelbern placed on Ascalon using Magdaer to kill all the charr/turn the humans into ghosts

What did you do this week in-game?

  • Cithryth – Twilight Arbor & Sorrow’s Embrace w/ Drac & Ethelros; Warrior lvl 27 – 38; Jumping puzzles with Ethelros
  • Draculetta – Twilight Arbor & Sorrow’s Embrace w/ Cithryth & Ethelros; Ele to 39

GW2 Academy

“I know that at one point in the personal story you must join one of three factions to continue. No doubt everyone has their favorite and I’d like to know which ones those are, but are they all worth playing through? Should I just YouTube certain ones for background info instead because they’re not worth the actual effort?”


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BraxFan303 writes:

“With a polished group used to covering gaming news with each other on previous shows, this team translates seamlessly to cover Guild Wars 2 news! After listening to each episode, I can’t wait for the next one which is a great sign for a new podcast! Keep up the great work!”

Featured Comments

Tapkoh commented on Episode 7:

“I would welcome someone else also writing about the superior* game in the series. I’m still bitter about running The Shadow Nexus several times just to get my very last hero armor piece, so HoM is all yours (or someone else’s).

As a follow up to the email question, I recently discovered why you just have to junk so much gear. Within the first week of GW2 being out, people were using karma to buy stuff, salvaging it, and using those mats to make stuff to vendor. Essentially, it was a means of converting karma to gold (with good turnover, no less), which Anet really didn’t like. They even called it an exploit and banned people for it. So karma gear and such has been bound, un-sellable, and un-salvageable ever since. Unless you’re buying/crafting gear, karma is where you’ll get a lot of upgrades and makes it seem like you can’t salvage much of anything.

*Based on number of dwarfs.”

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  1. I said this in the chat, but that’s obviously not recorded. I stand by my claim that Factions is the best campaign to start in if you’re new to the game or in other words, it’s the most noob friendly. I didn’t say it was the best campaign, which is probably where the “disagreement” actually comes from. In fact, there is a large section of it (Kaineng City) that I just hate. It’s a pain to navigate and practically everything is small corridors and close quarters, so one good AoE (especially in HM) can easily wipe out your entire party.

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