New Look at the Maguuma Jungle and Masteries


Over at IGN, a lot of new information has been released regarding the new Heart of Maguuma region as well as the upcoming Masteries systems. According to the article there, the new region and the new system are very intertwined. The vertical nature of the zone as well as other unique terrain features of the region brought about the hang-gliding feature we were told about at PAX South. However in addition to that there is the Mastery skills that let you speak and learn from the new cultures of the region, specifically the new Itzel race.

Developer David Webb said the following of the Masteries system:

“What we’ve really done is try to make a system that works a little bit more like what we’ve seen in console games like Metroid or Zelda where the progression systems feel a little more natural, feel a little more integrated with the environment and content and allow you to interact with the world around you. We feel like there’s a little bit more satisfaction to that style of progression rather than a nice curve that’s slowly going up as you’re levelling and creatures are getting more difficult.”

Another key quote from the IGN article to consider is the following:

Unlike other MMOs, the aim here isn’t to race through the expansion, hit the new level cap, and start the endgame; instead you’re progressing in a very real way right from the minute you begin. Though you’ll find lots of the Mastery content in Maguuma, it’ll expand outwards so you’ll be seeing it in existing portions of the world, too. You’ll even be able to use some of them in the Fractals dungeons. Mastery points will be earned through story missions, completing challenges and obtaining achievements – so if you want to gain more options with your glider, you’ll do so by using it. Best of all, once you’ve earned an ability it’s available to all of your characters; you won’t have to re-earn or grind it up again.

Below you can watch the new footage from the Heart of Maguuma:

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