Outposts and Adventures in the Heart of Maguuma Jungle

Today, ArenaNet released a lengthy new blog post chocked full of information and details about the Heart of Maguuma region we will be getting with Heart of Thorns. The post states the goal of the Heart of Maguuma region is to provide more gameplay content that is dynamic and replayable so that the map doesn’t go deserted after a time. In the new maps, we’ll be assisting Laranthir and the Pale Reavers, an elite group sylvari Pact soldiers, as well as other Pact crash survivors. While helping these characters, we’ll be defending outposts and taking part in adventures, two new aspects of dynamic event play in the region.

Outposts are content structures that broadly explain and contextualize the consequences of localized groups of dynamic events. If you’ve been to the Silverwastes, you’ve seen a forerunner of this concept at each tower. In the Silverwastes, each tower helps the Pact prepare for its assault, and your successes and failures at each tower affect the sort of events you’ll see around you. In the Heart of Maguuma, you’ll have a similar experience with outposts, which are always vital to preparing for the secondary phase of each map. They may even continue to play an important role during that time.

Nearly any activity, minigame, or challenge you can imagine in Guild Wars 2 could be an adventure. The key difference is that adventures have their own UI, much like events, and offer some amount of active challenge. For example, rather than completing a jumping puzzle, an adventure may challenge you to complete that puzzle in a certain amount of time. Unlike events, however, individual performance is tracked and measured. It’s a challenge for you to overcome. Your performance in adventures will be scored, and you’ll be able to see—and test yourself against—the scores of your friends and guildmates. Because adventures take place in the open world, you’ll see other players working to overcome the same challenges as you, and in many cases you’ll be able to work and excel together. Adventures are a reimagining of the concept of permanent content that you can challenge yourself with and enjoy as you move through the world that’s been around since launch. As a result, you may see some activities you heard about before the launch of Guild Wars 2 make an appearance as adventures.

These are just small snippets of the larger article to give you an idea of what these new event systems are. Adventures, particularly, will be an interesting addition to the current lineup of PvE gameplay we have. At the end of the article, they repeat their intention for the Heart of Thorns expansion: “to provide truly challenging content for players to overcome.”

If you’d like to real the full article for yourself, check it out here.

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