Guild Wars Players News #9: Box of Chocolates

Heaps of new details and info about some of the Heart of Thorns features this week! Ethelros finally returns and Cithryth has a change of heart regarding a certain profession.

Game News

Guild Wars Players News


The Asura

  • Short race with skin in varying shades of brown and grey, long ears, three toes
  • Originally lived underground until Primordus’ minions drove them above in 1078 (~250 years before GW2)
  • Value intelligence over all else
  • Each asura joins one of three colleges: Statics, Dynamics, or Synergetics
  • Work together in krewes on lab projects
  • Believe in the Eternal Alchemy – that all living things are working parts of a greater machine
  • Responsible for the construction and maintenance of the waypoints and gates across Tyria
  • Reside in ruins of some past race – some speculate ruins of the Mursaat (Rata Sum is an anagram of Mursaat)

What did you do this week in-game?

  • Cithryth – Finished ALL the jumping puzzles w/ Ethelros; Started crafting again; I played a necro and I liked it (0 – 20); Tried PvP for the first time; Warrior lvl 37 – 42
  • Draculetta – Ele Lvl 38-40 Personal Story (Chose Grawl) Necro 37-38, Canthan New Year Guild Wars
  • Ethelros – All jumping puzzles complete; Asura still suck.

GW2 Academy

“I’m used to Lotro cosmetics: have equipped gear but display cosmetic gear. Can I do that in GW2? How do I change the color of the armour? Say I have the gear all set and nice looking. Then I get to lvl47 and get a nice new armour piece and swap it in. Do I loose all the coloring I applied to the old piece?”

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Featured Comments

Tapkoh commented on Episode 8:

“I said this in the chat, but that’s obviously not recorded. I stand by my claim that Factions is the best campaign to start in if you’re new to the game or in other words, it’s the most noob friendly. I didn’t say it was the best campaign, which is probably where the “disagreement” actually comes from. In fact, there is a large section of it (Kaineng City) that I just hate. It’s a pain to navigate and practically everything is small corridors and close quarters, so one good AoE (especially in HM) can easily wipe out your entire party.”

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