Guild Wars Players News #10: Quaggany

The Lunar New Year has started in Guild Wars 2 and this week has also brought us some new footage of Heart of Thorns! We discuss that news and also talk a bit about difficulties with the personal story.

Game News

Guild Wars Players News


The Six Human Gods

  • Dwayna – goddess of healing, air, warmth, life
  • Balthazar – god of war, fire, courage
  • Melandru – goddess of nature, earth, growth
  • Lyssa – twin goddesses of beauty, water and illusion
  • Grenth – god of darkness, death, ice
  • Kormir – goddess of order, spirit, truth (rose to god-hood in GW)
  • Used to be other gods too – Abaddon and Dhuum
  • Arrived in Tyria 786 Before Exodus, brought humans to Tyria
  • Lived in Arah, the main city in Orr
  • 1 year before exodus, Abaddon gave Magic to the races of Tyria
  • Left Tyria in year 0 BE/AE

What did you do this week in-game?

  • Cithryth – Leveled Necro 21 – 35; Necro PvP is super fun, definitely the class I’m the best with; World boss runs on Elementalist for moneyz
  • Draculetta – Ranger Rage Quit Over 80 PS, Necro 40 PS
  • Ethelros – 91% Map completion, All Hearts complete, Orr and WvW left; sick to death of Dredge, Kodan are cool, WvW sucks

GW2 Academy

“Are there food/scrolls/consumable items in GW2 like other games that give a boost to resistances or in-combat healing or anything like that? How effective are they?”


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Featured Comments

Xerokitsune commented on the Lunar New Year:

“Just a note to tie into Char-Char’s Gold recomendations, we have a new back piece the Lucky Ram Lantern(and it’s upgraded version).

Sell-able back pieces like this are fairly nice, I’ll use the example of the Desert Rose Skin. During the Cutthroat Politics release it sold on the trading post for a gold or two, at this time it’s 87 gold. No precursor I grant ya, but is a nice profit.”

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  1. Great Show all. Nice to see the game thru experienced but new eyes. I’ll send a couple of outfits when I get in the game, I have a nice one that fits the Mordrem weapons. Also, Add me to the friends list, if I am on I would be glad to help if you are stuck somewhere (uhm Drac). I should be the only Tosaf. I will try to follow up with the “official” Tag, but the name should work. BTW, Drac needs to fix his tag in the show notes.

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