Weekly Outfit – Feb 16

This week’s outfit is another creation of Xerokitsune. This time he’s sent us pictures of Particle Shift.

4300 units of ego in a ten unit body. While he is technically an adventurer(purely for tax reasons), he prefers the solitude of his lab. His experiments are often less than legal leading to a great deal of community service.

Armor Used:

Magnus’s Left Eye Patch

Light Aetherblade Shoulders, Body, Gloves, and Pants

Zodiac Lite Shoes

Back piece Holographic Shattered Dragon Wings

Mistforged Hero’s Sword with Eternal Sands or a Super Greatsword
Dyes Used:
Warmth, Illumination, Blood, Starry Night, Midnight Blue, Regal and Lifesblood
Particle Shift

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    Heh heh… a great deal of community service…

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