Revenant: The Anti-Hero Profession


This week’s big blog post and exclusive interview is all about the upcoming revenant profession. ArenaNet’s Roy Chronacher took to the GW2 blog and Polygon to talk about the new profession with much more depth and detail. I’ve pulled out some of the key highlights of these two articles, however I really recommend you read them in their full forms for all the bits and details.

  • Revenant is a heavy armor class
  • Not only is the lore based in Guild Wars 1, but many of the mechanics are as well
  • Not evil, but “more of an anti-hero profession” since Rytlock and revenants are willing to draw on the legends of not-so-nice beings like Mallyx
  • Color scheme for the new profession: red, black, misty white


  • Draws upon legends from the Mists
    • Can slot two legends at a time and swap between them like other classes do weapons or attunements
    • No weapon swapping for revenants
    • Legends change what heal/utility/elite skills you have access to, not the main 1-5 skills
    • Legend-based skills require energy from the energy bar
      • Upon switching to a new legend, you start at 50% energy
      • As you fight you gain energy over time
      • Some skills require an “upkeep” cost and act as a toggle-able skill
    • Legendary Demon Stance – Mallyx the Unyielding – focuses on “condition manipulation”
    • Legendary Dwarf Stance – King Jalis Ironhammer – “all about sustaining yourself while maintaining a frightening presence on the battlefield”


  • Weapons aim to “incorporate the core feel of using the Mists and your connection to them”
    • Hammer – long range, magical (maybe like how the mesmer uses the greatsword at range?)
    • Mace – themed to work with the axe, very positional focused
    • Axe – Directionally focused, like the mace; more about utility than damage

Additionally, the blog post on the official Guild Wars 2 site mentioned that we will be getting some new boons and conditions with Heart of Thorns:

  • Resistance (boon) – conditions have no effect on you
  • Slow (condition) – skills and actions are slower
  • Taunt (status effect) – involuntarily attack foes (your target gets auto-switched and you can’t use anything but auto-attack)

The revenant is definitely sounding like a unique class. If you’re headed to PAX East or Rezzed in London, you’ll be able to get some time in playing Heart of Thorns and the new profession!

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  1. Let me get this straight. This is a heavy armor-wearing, lore-heavy, GW1 mechanic-using, dwarf-channeling, “dark” profession. I…I’m not sure what I’m feeling now. I think it might…no it can’t be…excitement? I don’t know what to do with this new emotion.


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