Guild Wars Players News #11: Shiny Happy

With more information out about the upcoming revenant profession coming from ArenaNet, this week features lore and information from the original Guild Wars quite heavily!

Game News

Guild Wars Players News


King Jalis Ironhammer

  • King of the Dwarves of Deldrimor, the friendlier faction of dwarves
  • Sought to fight the Drestroyers, the minions of Primordus
  • Performed the Rite of the Great Dwarf using the Hammer of the Great Dwarf to turn all the Deldrimor Dwarves into stone in 1078, during GW1
  • All the dwarves that survived that fight are still in the Far Shiverpeaks, fighting the Destroyers forever
  • Even if they weren’t present for the ritual itself, all dwarves eventually underwent the Rite and are now all stone

What did you do this week in-game?

  • Cithryth – Necro is probably going to be my main; Necro lvl 37 – 47; Necro PvP – started doing Unranked matches (much better, more even challenge), got to Deer rank; Started work on getting the mats for Spirit Links (focus), just need 40 Globs of Ectoplasm
  • Draculetta – Nothing at all.. Real Life Issues
  • Ethelros – Orr 100% complete; little bit of WvW map completion

GW2 Academy

“What’s the deal with the Mystic Forge?”

“Mystic Toilet” video

Comment about last week’s GW2 Academy on YouTube from PrinceofMillAve:

“Food is a critical part of the game and having a friend who is a chef (or being a chef) is great. Making sure that thou hast some sort of buff food active can really make a difference for a great deal of gameplay. Plus, buff food from events can have some amazing effects — not just magic find, but odd alternate boons such as the Halloween foods which do weird things when resurrecting people.”


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Featured Comments

Freya Jordan commented on YouTube:

“I know your pain Drac, I did that path on my thief. That boss who spawns all the spiders that have been (dead or alive), owned me so much. He killed me in think twice then I was like nope i think im done, rage quit incoming. But my rage turned into I am going to kill this damn instance, so I changed my build; traits; mainly for more toughness and vitality, utilities and one of my weapon sets (kept my short bow) and I destroyed him adds and all. There was alot of hiding and kiting, my god do I love stealth. So if you try it solo again change up your build. Dont be scared of changing your build, it can really help beat something that pushes you to the edge, its saved me a bunch of times. Good luck.”

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