Guild Wars 2 App Challenge Starts Now!

Overwolf, a company that works on overlay software and has worked with Guild Wars 2 before, is hosting a new app challenge for app makers in Guild Wars 2! For those who don’t know, these are apps that act as overlays to the game. Below is a video highlighting some of the previous winners of Overwolf GW2 app challenges. A lot of them are PvP or WvW related but some, like the markers or in-game world boss timers, can be useful for PvE as well.

There are three possible categories for apps: General, Competitive, and Player Experience. There are tons of prizes – $15,000 USD worth of prizes, to be specific! So if you’re an app developer and want to give it a shot, get more info and sign up here. Even if you aren’t a developer, you can do a bit of participation! If you have an idea for an app you’d love to see, leave the suggestion on the app ideas page.

The deadline is May 15, so get going!

If you’re interested in a list of apps currently up and operational, check out this list of apps and where to get them.

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