Guild Wars Players News #12: The GenCon Story

Not a ton of news this week, though we did learn about some new camera features coming soon. The real highlight of the episode is Draculetta’s GenCon story involving Felicia Day!

Game News

Guild Wars Players News



  • Where the human gods arrived from the Mists and made their city, Arah
  • Zhaitan sleeps under Orr
  • First human kingdom in Tyria
  • King Doric ruled both Orr and Ascalon until his death, Orr became independent in 2 AE
  • 1071 AE – Vizier Khilbron enacts some dark magic in an attempt to defeat the oncoming charr who had already destroyed Ascalon and sinks Orr in the process
  • 1219 AE – Zhaitan awakens and raises Orr from the depths, creating a huge tidal wave that floods Lion’s Arch
  • Trahearne’s ‘Wyld Hunt’ (the task given to him in the Dream) is to cleanse Orr. He spent 20 years in Orr researching the Risen and Zhaitan, which is why he is the Pact marshall

What did you do this week in-game?

  • Cithryth – Necro lvl 47 – 65 mostly from Tomes of Knowledge; Finally made Spirit Links & bought the Caithe’s Bloom Dagger skin; Started researching how to make Mawdrey (ascended back item) and nope nope nope;
  • Draculetta – Guest on MMO Anthropology.  Shadow Behemoth, The Frozen Maw, MegaDestroyer. PS up to Final.Looked on Trading Post for a new bow.. found out I can’t even afford to look a them.  Necro lvl 45 to lvl 50 PS, Ele lvl 45 to lvl 52 PS
  • Ethelros – More world completion in WvW 3 more POIs, 3 more Vistas remaining; read some of Sea of Sorrows

GW2 Academy

“What are fractals and how do they work?”


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