Guild Wars Players News #13: Black Wings

Black wings are all the rage this week in GW2! We discuss the huge amount of articles and videos that dropped this week about the Heart of Thorns demo and also talk a bit about PvP.

Game News

Guild Wars Players News


Lion’s Arch

  • Originally the capital of Kryta
  • Destroyed by Zhaitan’s awakening and rising of Orr
  • The ruins of the city were used as a safe haven for ships for awhile
  • Eventually as the water level went back down, the ruins were turned into a makeshift town for smugglers and pirates
  • Owes no allegiance to any kingdom or race, the only true melting pot city where all races are welcome
  • Run by the Captain’s Council, wealthy merchants and sea captains that purchase seats on the council when one becomes available.

What did you do this week in-game?

  • Cithryth – Necromancer to level 80!
  • Draculetta – PVP.. Lots Of PVP. Sc
  • Ethelros – Trying to roll an alt; Necros still gross; Asura still ugly

GW2 Academy

“What is the Living Story? How do I access it? Did I miss out because I just started playing?”


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