Adventures in Tyria #3 – Ugh, Logan

Starting this week, we are going to be structuring Adventures in Tyria differently.┬áBecause of the limitations to group sizes causing some difficulty with communication and planning as well as the level of popularity being way beyond what we expected, we will be switching to a sign-up system on an irregular basis rather than the weekly show we do. Once we get a sign-up method set up I’ll be making a post all about it! The gist is that there will be a calendar where people can sign up to do dungeon runs or world boss runs or Living Story playthroughs together. This is what we will draw Adventures in Tyria from!

For this episode though, Teriadwyn and Saira join Drac, Ethelros, and me for a run through the story modes of Ascalon Catacombs and Caudecus’ Manor!

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