Getting Into PvP: Part 1

My problem with PvE is the same that General Zaroff had with hunting animals; oh, and if you caught that literary reference, then you can be my friend. Moving on with the topic at hand, but not with turn-of-the-century trivia,

“Instinct is no match for reason.”

That, friends, is to say that PvE, within the confines of current technology, cannot offer the same kind challenge of the same variety that a live player can. In addition to that, a person is also far more satisfying to defeat than a lines of code because a said code will not rage quit when it has been utterly defeated.

Backing up, I am not a PvE player when I can help it. I do not find it satisfying for my inner troll, nor do I find it very efficient for being quickly rewarded without it feeling like a grind. I, for one, hate the gear treadmill that so many games offer and any sort of grind instantly makes me feel like I’m working a whole lot for a not a lot. This, pals, is what brings me to my reason for writing this article: Learn to PvP ASAP.

Obviously, if you are a player who just started your playing a couple days ago and you are still trying to understand how the controls work, then PvP should be avoided because you will not win very often and these losses will leave a sour taste in your mouth. However, if you should be someone who has reached level 80 and have some exotic gear with several dungeons under you belt, then it is probably time to try PvP.

Reasons to Play PvP
1) Instant Level-Ups (Tome of knowledge) – Every PvP reward track gives these out quite regularly, so you can level a character to 80 without ever playing that character past their first quest, as Tomes of Knowledge, like everything you find, are account bound.
2) Daily Rewards Done Quickly – Compared to PvE, they are quick, anyway.
3) Preparing for playing in a WvW – Not so great to prep for being a zergling, but good if you want to be a super-elite Green Beret type of person.
4) Exotic Weapons and Armor – Like the Tomes of Knowledge, these are given out by completing PvP Tracks, only they take longer to earn.

For someone who has never played PvP, it can be a very frightening, or at least, a very frustrating ordeal should you embark on this challenge without the aid of an experienced mate. My obvious recommendation is to ask someone who has been doing it awhile to help you out. However, this does not extend to how you build your character if the person who is helping you does not play that class in PvP, successfully. For that, I will direct you to

Ranked arena will, when you click on it, show a list of the best builds within the current meta.

Ranked arena will, when you click on it, show a list of the best builds within the current meta. is an excellent resource for finding good builds for any character in any game mode, so if you are just starting out with a character and don’t know anyone who has a good PvP build, check this place, first. Continuing with assumption that you have friends to PvP with, go to an empty PvP arena and duel with them. if they’re good mentors, they will fight you at your skill level and teach you well enough that they can trust you to have their back in a fight; it’s how Lillica taught me and I’m a decent PvP ranger, which is not too common, actually.

For those of you without friends to help you learn, you’re not TSOL. Luckily for you all, the community, even in PvP, if very supportive and there is always going to be at least one person on, who if you tell them something like this:

“Zoinks, Qui-Gon! You’re a really good Jedi. I’m just starting out in PvP for the first time Jedi and I was wondering if you could give me some pointers.”

There’s a good chance that someone will ask you to meet them in the Council Chambers as long as you don’t say something like this in map chat:

“Help me, I’m a noob! How do I PvP!?”
-Helpless PvE-er

If you do, you’ll probably get a response like this:

“PvP moar.”
“Did you try changing your build?”
“Ask the internet.”
“LOL, NSP #crymoar”

Should someone agree to help you, be nice and learn all you can. Once more, I cannot stress enough the fact that entering PvP before you are ready will put a bad taste in your mouth for it.

-Charchar O’Dell

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