Weekly Outfit – Mar 12

This week’s outfit is courtesy of our own CharChar O’Dell! He sent us in his human ranger.

When she isn’t spoiling her favorite spider, affectionately named Blub Blub Pew, with canned Fancy Beast, she can be found scouting for her guild in the Eternal Battlegrounds or roaming the endless lands of Tyria, trying in vain to catch them all. Her partner in crime, Lillica Foster, is a callous but ironically supportive engineer who, though being her younger sister, has become the closest thing to an authority figure this runaway has ever accepted as not spider food.

Armor Used:

Whispers Secret Leggings, Boots, and Shoulderguards

Assassin’s Coat

Prowler Gloves

Benthic Waterbreather

Weapon Used:

 Serpent Sniper

Dyes Used:

Charcoal, Autumn, Tea Jeans, River


Every week we want to feature a cosmetic creation from the community here at Guild Wars Players! If you think your character is particularly snazzy looking, send us your screenshots to contact@guildwarsplayers.com

Make sure to include your character’s name, race, profession and what armors and dyes are used.

Here are some helpful tips:

  • The “Print Screen” button takes screenshots by default and they get saved to My Documents > Guild Wars 2 > Screens
  • CTRL + SHIFT + H hides all UI elements, making for clutter-free screenshots!
  • Make sure you get a screenshot with good lighting – screenshots in the dark (unless you’re showing off glow effects) can be very hard to see.
  • A screenshot of your dye panel might be very handy if you’re using a wide range of dyes!

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