Guild Wars Players News #14: Bad at Video Games

In the past, Cithryth and Ethelros have complained about how hard certain parts of the Living Story can be, however in this episode we all eat a bit of humble pie and admit we are very bad at video games.

Game News

Guild Wars Players News


None this week because Cithryth forgot about time changes!

What did you do this week in-game?

  • Cithryth – Citadel of Flame with Drac & Ethelros; Living Story with Drac & Ethelros (we don’t know how to play video games); PvP on Necro & Ranger (noticed people seem to be ruder to me on my ranger?)
  • Draculetta – Citadel of Flame with Cithryth & Ethelros; Living Story with Cithryth & Ethelros (Oh Look A Ramp!); Ascalon Catacombs and Caudecus’ Manor (I may or may not have just stood by/with Zojja the whole dungeon)  PvP Ranger
  • Ethelros – Same as above; We’re dumbuhs

GW2 Academy

“How does the trait system work? Do traits matter more for PvP and WvW?”


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“The Guild Wars podcast is great, keep up the good work.”

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Sleep_Tight wrote:

“I have enjoyed this podcast so much. I bought the game last week when it was 75% off and stumbled upon this podcast looking for information about the game. The hosts have a great attitude (though I am an Asura Necromancer) and do not see the game with the elitist eyes from podcasts do. Very friendly!”

Received an email from Richard Nelson:

“Hey guys and gal,
I have kinda gathered some of your opinions on this subject just by listening to the episodes but I figured I would as here anyway. Do you try to match the theme of a class/profession with the race/build of a character or do you ever play against type? For example I love to play against type with most of my characters in wow I played a gnome warrior  with the largest two handed swords I could find and an undead holy priest. I would love to hear your opinions.”

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