New Details on the New WvW Map

This week over at the official Guild Wars 2 site, game designer Tyler Bearce took to the blog to give us a bit more information about the new WvW Borderlands map that will be introduced with Heart of Thorns. The biggest thing is that this map will replace the current “Alpine Borderlands” map used in all three Borderlands areas. Some key features are similar and exist in the same location as the current map:

  • 3 keeps
  • 4 towers
  • 6 supply camps
  • Dolyaks

However there are some very key differences between the new map and the old – there has been an increased “verticality” to the map with higher cliffs, windier paths, and generally more complex terrain. Each of the keeps is based around an element (earth, fire, or air) and has shrines around the outside that you can tap into for buffs. The air keep is based on the ancient city of Petra, Jordan while the fire keep is the first underground keep and features lots of flowing lava everywhere. The towers and supply camps also each have distinct themes, like an ogre outpost, a magic academy, and a necromantic spire.

The map itself is a large desert space, however the center is a lush oasis full of streams, paths, and rocky terrain. It is catered to “roamers, ambushers, and gankers,” according to the blog post.

Additionally, the dolyak supply caravans have gotten some new stuff as well. Whenever an ally player is near a dolyak, it will get a new defensive buff. Sentries positioned throughout the map though can give a significant cripple to dolyaks that come near. The best part about the new dolyaks? They look like oryx.



You can read all the details for yourself over at the official GW2 blog.

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