Guild Wars Players News #15: Golden Bacon

Shadow dye kits, new World versus World map, golden mini pigs, PvP and pre-Scarlet Lion’s Arch are the main topics of discussion this week!

Game News

Guild Wars Players News

What did you do this week in-game?

  • Cithryth – HotW and CoE w/ Drac & Ethelros & Saira; PvP’d with Ethelros! omg; tweaked the creepomancer’s coloring a bit; Ranger to 40 through ToK; Lots of Vinewrath on Necro
  • Draculetta – Attempted to run Ascalonian Catacombs Path 1 – Hodgins With a guildmate and a few of his friends, did not go well. We made it to Defend Hodgins by destroying graveling burrows. Also ran with Ascalonian Catacombs (Story) with guild (all guild run) Ran Honor of the Waves and Crucible of Eternity (Ya Zojja!) with Cithryth and Ethelros (No One Left Behind Achievement Fail)
  • Ethelros – PvP; aforementioned dungeon runs; makin’ money with Laurels

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Featured Comments

ARebelIronic (Buthor) commented on “How to get #Phatstacks in Crafting”:

“I looked at the last time you listed it, and again now, and I saw the same issue both times. That issue is that the “Sell Price” is whatever someone is offering to sell the item for. For example, the “Vital Green Wood Harpoon Gun” says I can craft it for 7 silver and sell it for 11 Gold. Just because someone is offering to sell it for 11 Gold doesn’t mean anyway will actually pay that, however. The highest buy offer is for 6 silver. This same pattern applied to everything I looked at (and I skip the obvious crazy ones like this). Sellers were offering to sell at the listed profit, but the highest buy offer was below the crafting cost.

How are you actually making money with this?”

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  1. chuck /

    Good show. But between the Lisp and the low talking whisper guy it can be hard to follow

  2. Char-char O'Dell /

    Thank you for highlighting Floods and Flowers. Also, I answered ARebelIronic’s comment on “How to get #Phatstacks in Crafting”.

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