Lion’s Arch Commemorative Sale!

Here is a look at what’s new and on sale in the gem store this week!


  • Lion’s Arch Dye Kits

    The soul of Lion’s Arch has always been vibrant and strong. As an homage to that vigorous spirit, we have two vivid, high-contrast dye packs—the Lion’s Arch Survivors Dye Kit and the Lion’s Arch Commemorative Dye Kit.

  • Permanent Captain’s Airship Pass

    Available for one day only! Get permanent access to the Havoc’s Heir airship from any PvE map! With every conceivable convenience—from Black Lion Traders, to crafting stations, to our own Mystic Forge—this is a one-stop shop for all your needs!

  • Scarlet’s Armor Pieces

    Wear these armor pieces like trophies! Celebrate the hard-earned defeat of a terrible villain. The Scarlet’s Grasp and Scarlet’s Spaulders skins are wearable by any armor class!

  • Toxic Armor Pieces

    These carefully crafted glove and shoulder pieces are infused with deadly toxic energy. The Toxic Gloves and Toxic Mantle skins are wearable by any armor class!


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  1. Permanent Captain’s Airship Pass is one of my favorite luxury items in the game. On top of the listed features, It offers quick access to the daily activity, guild resources(bank,vendors,etc), and a shortcut to each of the main cities(talk to the helmsman). Also a fun note, at this time it’s located on an active map(Gendarran Fields).

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