The Hall of Monuments Basics

You might be asking yourself, “Why play Guild Wars?”  It’s old, the sequel is out, and it doesn’t have the player base it used to have.  If curiosity, lore reasons, or that it’s a great game just aren’t reason enough, perhaps the materialist in you will be interested to know that you can earn stuff in Guild Wars 2 by playing Guild Wars.  If that has your attention, continue on.

Here is exactly what you can get from playing Guild Wars:
10 Titles
1 full set of armor appearances for light, medium, and heavy
4 standalone armor skins: 2 helmets and 2 sets of gauntlets
1 weapon skin for each type
4 ranger pets: Black Moa, Rainbow Jellyfish, White Raven, Black Widow Spider
4 minis: Orange Tabby Cat, Dead Orrian Chicken, Rockfur Raccoon, Red Servitor Golem

The skins, once acquired, can be used at any time from the wardrobe panel without the use of transmutation charges.  As a bonus, you earn GW2 achievement points for your progress.

My mesmer showing off light armor, one of the standalone headpieces, and the staff skin.

My mesmer showing off light armor, one of the standalone headpieces, and the staff skin.

The way you earn these is by linking your Guild Wars and Guild Wars 2 accounts and completing your Hall of Monuments in the former.  This requires purchasing at least one campaign and Eye of the North.  Purchasing the other two campaigns is not required, but provides you more means to earn rewards.  There is a rewards calculator that looks at the displays in your HoM and assigns point values.  If you want to take a look at it without having a Guild Wars character, click the “Demo Mode” link.

Even though you must type in a character name to see your (or their) progress, this calculator looks not at a character specifically, but the entire account of the character in question to tally reward points.  At certain point values, items are awarded for pick up in GW2.  There is a total of 50 points available and if you want everything, it’ll be a long road to that amount.  However, the only things you earn past 30 points are the last four titles.  If you do not care about the titles, or at least not enough to pursue them, you can stop at 30 points and have all the minis, skins, and ranger pets.

You can access the HoM in GW2 by using the portal stone in your inventory.  Supposedly, one should generate automatically, but if it does not (and in my case it didn’t), head to the far northwest section of Lion’s Arch.  In the skritt cave, the karma vendor sells a new stone for free.  Once you have one and use it, head to the former scrying pool in the back and talk to the spirit of Kimmes.  You can buy all of the skins and minis from him, also for free.  Any unlocked ranger pets are roaming around, ready to charm, and titles are automatically added to your list of titles in the achievements panel.

Starting the Process in Guild Wars

That’s all well and good, but how do you get to the HoM in Guild Wars?  It is accessed in the Eye of the North expansion.  That means you must start in one of the given campaigns, reach level 10, and have access to one of the port cities.  Nightfall / Kamadan is the fastest route, if you’re curious.

When you first arrive in the HoM, you will find five monuments, but only one of those is active.  Gwen will give you a tapestry on your first visit, which is used to unlock your choice of one of the others.  In order to unlock the remaining three, you must complete the three major plot lines of the EotN story.  An NPC at the end of each one will award you with another tapestry.  Once you’ve unlocked all of the monuments, it’s time to start populating them with statues.  Now I’ll go over the various monuments.  Check out the calculator or wiki for exact point breakdowns.

The honor monument is the one automatically unlocked on your first visit to the Eye of the North and is where you display statues for titles you have earned.  Titles in Guild Wars are basically the same as achievements in Guild Wars 2.  In order for a title to be eligible, most have to be maxed out, although there are some exceptions.  Honor is also the monument that offers the most points toward GW2 rewards with a possible 18, while all others have 8.  As a bonus, it provides the most easy, early points.  Unfortunately, it is probably the hardest and time-consuming to fully complete.

Isn't it cute?

Isn’t it cute?

The devotion monument is entirely about mini pets.  Once a mini pet statue has been added, the actual mini will have the tag “Dedicated at the Hall of Monuments” permanently.  You can still trade it and others can use it to have the mini follow them around, but no one else can put it in their display.  When looking to buy minis from other players, make sure they specify “unded” (as in “undedicated”) if you plan on adding it to your monument.

The fellowship monument allows you to display statues of heroes and rare ranger pets.  The catch is that in order to display a hero statue, you must have acquired a different armor appearance for them.  This will have you doing elite missions in order to get the rare items necessary.  The lone exception is M.O.X., who can be displayed immediately.  The ranger pet statues require pets to be level 20, but luckily two of the three rare pets are level 20 in the wild.

The resilience monument is solely for displaying prestige armor sets.  You do not require the head piece in order to display a “full” set, which can save you some money and materials.  This is the most expensive monument to fill out by far.  Prestige armor sets are expensive and just the crafting costs alone will set you back hundreds of platinum.  Two of the three specific sets you get extra points for are also incredibly expensive and / or grindy to get.

The valor monument is for displaying weapons of defeated, powerful foes.  In particular, it’s for displaying oppressor, tormented, and destroyer weapons.  Oppressor weapons are obtained after completing the War in Kryta storyline by exchanging ten medals of honor in Lion’s Arch Keep.  Destroyer weapons are crafted by Balthor Coalforge in the Slavers’ Exile dungeon in EotN.  Tormented weapons are going to be the hardest to get on your own (outside of buying them from other players), as it requires venturing into the Domain of Anguish and getting drops from enemies and chests to trade.  Once you display a weapon, it becomes bound (“customized” in game terms) to you.

Guess what happens a lot in Guild Wars? And I've got nothing on veteran players.

Guess what happens a lot in Guild Wars? And I’ve got nothing on veteran players.

A Word of Warning

Here is where I put a damper on the whole thing.  I see some GW2 players on forums and reddit thinking that they can just pop into GW1 for a weekend and get 30/50 or worse, 50/50.  That will not happen.  After that doesn’t happen, there’s usually wailing and complaining.

Even if you focus solely on getting the HoM points and don’t waste any time, it will still take you dozens of hours to get 30/50.  If you want 50/50, we’re talking hundreds of hours.  There is a very real time commitment here.  You have to keep in mind that this whole thing was a reward for players of the first Guild Wars or in other words, people who already had spent hundreds or thousands of hours in game.  You’re starting from zero.

Another reason that that isn’t going to happen is a point I’ve been hammering ever since I started writing here: Guild Wars is different and definitely not like its sequel.  It plays very differently, it’s structured very differently, has a steeper learning curve, and it is a lot harder on average than GW2.  If you think you can just pick it up and faceroll through, you’ve got another thing comin’, as the kids these days say.


If you aren’t deterred, great!  Go play Guild Wars.  If it suddenly sounds like something you don’t want to do, you’re welcome.  It’s not everyday I save someone time and money.  As usual, feel free to leave questions, comments, compliments, or GW1 rage quit posts below.

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