Crafting Legendaries in Heart of Thorns

One of the big features announced for Heart of Thorns is that crafting legendaries will be a bit different, specifically regarding precursor acquisition (in order to make a legendary item, you must first acquire a precursor weapon, as well as a host of other materials). Today Linsey Murdock took to the GW2 blog to give us a more detailed rundown on how we’ll be able to get legendaries in the expansion… and it sounds pretty interesting!

First off, there’s going to be a specific Mastery track dedicated to making precursor weapons. The first three tiers of this Mastery line will help you acquire precursors introduced with GW2’s release (so, not the shiny new ones we’ll be getting with HoT). In the blog post it says that “each legendary weapon has two main themes that will be represented in the precursor journey,” and there are two tiers of progress for getting the precursor. The first tier is a collection and the second tier is “research, talking to the experts, and honing your craft,” all revolving around the two themes of the Legendary you’re working toward.


The example they walk through in the post is for the legendary mace, the Moot. It’s named after the norn celebration of prowess so the two themes are the hunt (norn standards of prowess) and celebration. The first collection then is all about “fighting fierce creatures” and proving your fighting abilities. This grants you a bit of a dinged-up version of the precursor you need and in the next collection tier you research and hone your craft to repair it make it a nontradeable exotic weapon featuring the skin of the current precursor in-game. The final collection is about the second theme of the legendary. According to the blog post, “Since the Moot’s theme is all about partying, you’ll participate in a range of activities that include dancing with world leaders, setting off fireworks for the Spirits of the Wild, and sampling delicacies and libations from around Tyria.” This sounds like it’s going to make crafting a legendary weapon a lot more interesting!

Unfortunately, that’s still not the end of your legendary journey.

This final collection unlocks the recipe to craft the polished final iteration of the precursor. For all of our existing precursors, this is a tradable exotic weapon, but they will all be updated to use new skins that look much like the legendary weapons they’ll one day become. We like to think of these new precursor skins as the legendary weapon before it is embodied by its soul. Unlocking one of these new skins in your wardrobe will also unlock the two previous tiers of skins. So, should you get lucky and find a precursor out in the world, you won’t miss out on the skins.


After that, you start your work toward making the real deal legendary weapon and acquiring the additional materials you need to toss into the Mystic Forge with the precursor.

Luckily, they are also adding in “Map Bonuses” that will work as a more directed way of acquiring the many materials you need for legendaries.

By completing events, jumping puzzles, and mini-dungeons in a map, you’ll be periodically awarded with one of its associated bonuses in addition to the normal rewards. For most maps, the bonus reward will be crafting materials. For instance, playing in Cursed Shore could reward you with ancient bones, charged cores, charged lodestones, or giant eyes during one rotation, and powerful venom sacs, glacial cores, glacial lodestones, or globs of ectoplasm during another rotation.

This could definitely encourage people to go back through older zones after the expansion, so they aren’t left empty like what usually happens with MMO expansions.

Overall their goal with this system is to guide players to the materials they need and where they can get them. If you’d like to see the full post with more details, check it out here.

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