Guild Wars Players News #16: Kill Zhaitan

Not a ton of news this week except some info on legendary weapons in HoT. The three of us discuss finally finishing the personal story (or not, in Drac’s case) and the real bombshell of the show is Ethelros’ admission to creating an asura necromancer.

Game News

Guild Wars Players News


The Norn

  • Not much is known about their origins, though the kodan believe the norn are a long-seperated branch of kodan
  • appearance wise, are similar to humans… but much much taller and muscular
  • have the ability to change into a were-creature corresponding with a Spirit of the Wild (Raven, Wolf, Snow Leopard, Bear)
  • Highly individualistic and nomadic society, they value honor and glory and growing one’s Legend
  • By growing their Legend, they ensure they will not be forgotten, which is what they really fear more than anything else
  • Generally have a positive outlook on life, take on any challenge given to them
  • Shamanistic religion, focusing on the Spirit Animals

What did you do this week in-game?

  • Cithryth – Finished PS on mesmer w/ Drac and Ethelros (except for Drac sorta?); Made a sylvari Engineer & got him to 20 w/ ToK, now that I’ve spent so much time PvPing, I found lvling him up through PvE difficult/not as interesting?; Hit rank 30 in PvP (Wolf)
  • Draculetta – Tried To Finish PS W/Ethelros and Cithryth (got to protect Zojja); Played Necro Some. Worked on GW Vanquishing a bit
  • Ethelros – Rocked the Dragon

GW2 Academy

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Featured Comments

Xerokitsune commented on the Lion’s Arch Commemorative Sale

“Permanent Captain’s Airship Pass is one of my favorite luxury items in the game. On top of the listed features, It offers quick access to the daily activity, guild resources(bank,vendors,etc), and a shortcut to each of the main cities(talk to the helmsman). Also a fun note, at this time it’s located on an active map(Gendarran Fields).”

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