Personal Story Updates

For awhile now, ArenaNet writers have been mentioning that they are working on restoring the Personal Story to its original order. Back in September 2014 with the New Player Experience updates, certain chapters of the Personal Story were removed entirely and others had their order moved around a bit. This caused quite a bit of continuity errors for the later few chapters of the Story like interacting with characters for an instance only to “meet” them later and having to defend certain magical items whose existence or purpose was never explained. On top of the restoration to the previous narrative flow, some updates to the story are being made in the form of new art assets, voice overs, etc.

On the forums, lead writer Bobby Stein has put together a FAQ to answer questions people might have about this update. Some of the key points include:

  • No, you cannot reset your Personal Story progress to experience the restored/updated version of the story. In order to experience the story after this update you will have to roll a new character.
  • Yes, Trahearne is getting some new voice overs
  • Yes, the final part of the Personal Story which previously required a full group will now be able to be completed with a group size ranging from 1-5. So if you’d rather do it solo you can but if you want the full-group experience you can still do that too.

You can see the full outline of the new story structure here. If you want to see more details about why the changes are being made and more specific details about which changes are being made, check out Bobby Stein’s post here.



  1. Wow! Victory or Death has been on my screen for nearly two years, glad I can finally get rid of it.

  2. My FAQ has been “Why’d you think butchering it was a good idea in the first place?” Funny it’s not in theirs.

    Oh well, at least my future revenant will have something to do now and in the correct order, no less.

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