Guild Wars Players News #17: Quaggan Love

This week we talk about the personal story, Zhaitan, PvP, and of course quaggans!

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Guild Wars Players News



  • the first sylvari to be born
  • his Wyld Hunt (a personal mission given to sylvari by the Dream) is to cleanse Orr of its corruption
  • Spent most of his life (25 years) in Orr researching and learning all he can about how to cleanse it
  • Has also spent time traveling and talking to other races, again, to help his Wyld Hunt, and has connections to even some of the more secretive races like the tengu and the largos

What did you do this week in-game?

  • Cithryth – 3-manned Zhaitan (again); PvP’d with Drac & Ethelros; Did a digital drawing/painting thing of my necro that I’m super proud of
  • Draculetta – Twtiched Cithryth and Ethelros running Zhaitan (got credit this time), during stream a nice viewer sent me a shadow bow skin, it’s awesome sauce; Twitched PVP with Cithryth and Ethelros; Necro working on map completion in Queensland.
  • Ethelros – Rocked the Dragon again; Got rocked in PvP

GW2 Academy

“Sometimes the dailies say to do Fractals 1-7. Or something like that. Does my character have to be level 80? Where do I go to join one?”


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