Guild Wars Players News #18: You Did The Thing

24 hours of Stronghold, another 75% off sale, and Ethelros finally beat his toughest foe in Guild Wars 2.

Game News

Guild Wars Players News

What did you do this week in-game?

  • Cithryth – Started working on getting Mawdrey backpiece, got step one (Mysterious Vine backpiece) and very close to step two (Cultivated Vine); PvPed with Drac & Ethelros and also Flosiin later; Tried PvPing on guardian but just too sluggish
  • Draculetta – Ranger PVP. Necro to 80 (partially to Tomes)
  • Ethelros – Did that stupid Living Story stupid dragon fight stupid stuff; PvPed, stupid thieves


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Tosaf left a comment on Guild Wars Players News #17: Quaggan Love

“Drac, I think that the perfect lead in for the Guildwars Academy would be your quote from Ms. Day saying she would answer your question.”


Xerokitsune Sent Us An Email

Hey Fine Pod-casting Folk

There are a great number of paths in the personal story, at least in the first two arcs. These arcs are selected when you make your character. These voiced and normally interact with the NPC of Destiny’s Edge associated with the race.

The way you do this is from two of the questions they ask you during character creation.

For human the I was raised ___. and One of my Biggest regrets is that ____.

For char the I am proud to be ____. The tell me the soldier that sired me is a ___.

For norn the My most important quality is that I have the necessary ___. At a recent celebratory moot held in Hoelbrak, I ___.

For Sylvari the I dreamed of a quest that calls me to action. It was a vision of the ___. I belive that the most important of Ventari’s teachings is ___.

For Asura the I’m a member of the College of ___. My first invention was ___.

The first question selects your level 10 personal story arc. The second question selects the level 20 personal story arc. Each arc shows off aspects of the race you selected and interesting bits of lore about them.

Within each of the two arcs there is a divergent path, the end of the arc will put you back in line of the story. While it may seem meaningless since in the end your back as if you never made a decision, each path is also voiced and will show some incite into the NPCs.

Also there is crossover between the stories, for example the Floating Grizwhirl(the inquest’s Snaff Prize entry) is found in one of the human story arcs.

So all this being said, there are two sets of 3 arcs with a divergent path in each containing voiced Zojja, so have you maximized your Felicia Day enjoyment Draculetta?

(Personally for fun/strange Asura personal story and odder comments from Zojja I recommend at least doing College of Dynamics with the Infinity Ball. And when given the option fuse Kazz.)

A fan from Tarnish Coast,


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