Tips for the Stronghold 24 Hour Open Beta

The Stronghold open beta is now up! Head to the Heart of the Mists and queue up for some unranked matches to test out the new map and PvP mode. If you’re wanting to get a better idea of what’s in store before you jump in, ArenaNet has released a handy guide on Stronghold. Below is a brief overview:

  • First team to kill the enemy lord wins the match
  • The shields on the map indicate barracks, where NPCs spawn from
  • Deliver supplies to your barracks to summon those NPCs
    • Archers deal low damage to doors, but high damage to enemy NPCs
    • Doorbreakers deal high damage to doors but have low health
  • Players cannot damage doors
  • The fist icon is where you can occasionally summon a Hero NPC for your team using Mist Essence

Check the link above for more details on the Stronghold map. If you’ve got advice or tips of your own for Stronghold testers, leave a comment below!

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