New Hairstyles for Total Makeover Kits and Self-Style Hair Kits

With today’s update came a slew of new hair styles for each gender and race in the Total Makeover and Self-Style Hair Kits. Since I don’t have a character of every race and can’t provide my own pictures, take a look at Dulfy’s high-res screenshots of all the new hairstyles. Below are just a few of the styles:



For norn and humans, undercut hairstyles seem to be a theme for this update, as well as more varied haircuts in similar styles to what is already available. As for sylvari, shorter hair and thorn-inspired hairstyles are new as well as a “Sailor Moon” type of hair cut. Many are calling the new asuran hair styles anime-inspired as well. The new charr hair styles offer more over-the-top styles, fitting in with the Kit exclusive hair styles already available for them. The female charr hairstyles in particular are causing quite a stir in and out of game.

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