Guild Wars Players News #19: Rainbow Unicorn

This past week was the 24 hours of Stronghold PvP open beta, so Cithryth and Ethelros discussed their experiences with the new PvP map. We also introduce our new GWP Tumblr account and talk a bit about hairstyles.

Game News

Guild Wars Players News

What did you do this week in-game?

  • Cithryth – Renamed necro to Creepomancer; made a charr thief named Felix Whitepaw; lots of character story discussion with Saira; <3 Stronghold; The last item I need to craft Mawdrey/Mawdrey II is the Mists Stone (so need to do Fractals); updated mesmer’s hair to the new ‘Sailor Moon’ ponytails thing
  • Draculetta – Sadly nothing related to Guild Wars. Was sick.. I did get my Felicia Day time in though, as I watched all seasons of the The Guild.
  • Ethelros – Strongholds


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“I’m a 7 Year Veteran of Guild Wars (1) and have played Guild Wars 2 from Beta, I love it as much today as I did when I first started playing all those years ago.

I am a Traditional English Timber Framer (as my Job) and listen to Podcast’s when im at work chopping wood to keep me entertained…….I recently stumbled across this Podcast and really enjoy the content and discussions.

I have a question about PvP builds, I heard Draculetta mention that he was enjoying PvP as a Ranger and just wondered what Gear/Weps and Build he uses? I have just started getting into PvP myself and I to Play a Ranger just as I did in GW1……..I would really like to hear some tips about enjoying PvP as a Ranger so that I can hold my own in a fight!! 🙂 I use all Zerk Gear and Ascended Trinkets/Accessories, full Zerk Exotic Armour and Weps with Superior Ranger Runes…..Hope you guys can find some good talking point about this perhaps??

I also enclose 2 screenies of my much loved Human Ranger for Cithryth

Love the show and really enjoy you guys talking bout your adventures in Tyria……as a suggestion, have you ever though about recording a dungeon run on Team Speak and using some of the funny parts in your podcast? Just and Idea……. :)))))

Keep up the good work and im looking forward to hearing more Podcasts about my favourite game/hobby/community…..

Much love and good Hunting…….

Tye   ……..(from the Guild TEA)”

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