Win Llama Minis in Community PvP Tournaments

Today ArenaNet announced that they will be introducing a new way for players to earn the coveted llama minis – as prizes in community-run PvP tournaments! This is starting today, so going forward, the below PvP tournaments on both EU and NA servers will have llamas as part of their prizes. The best part is that there is a range of PvP tournaments, some catering toward those new to PvP and others catering toward hardcore PvPers.

On top of all that, you’ll be able to use these mini llamas in the mystic forge to create increasingly fancier llamas! Bowties, monocles, and bowler hats can be added to llama minis with the help of the Essence of Llamatic Elegance, found at laurel traders throughout Tyria.

Events for Beginner/Intermediate Players

Academy Gaming Weekly—North America and Europe

The Academy Gaming Weekly is focused on creating a safe environment for newer PvP players. This is primarily accomplished by barring veteran players from participating—specifically players who have recently won a Go4GuildWars2 Cup. The Academy Gaming Weekly Cups feature a free-agent system that allows players to join the tournament as individuals rather than teams, which is great for those of you who have yet to find a permanent group to play PvP with. Come find new friends to play alongside!

AspectGG Pug Quest—North America

The AspectGG Pug Quest was created with the intent of having seasoned PvP players share the knowledge they’ve accumulated with newer players and teams. While newer teams can join the tournament as a group, players are also encouraged to take advantage of the free-agent system and sign up alone. This is a double-elimination tournament, meaning you’ll have two opportunities to stay alive in the tournament.

ESL GW2 5on5 Weekly Cup—Europe

The longest-running weekly tournament in Guild Wars 2, the ESL GW2 5on5 Weekly Cup is open to players and teams of all skill levels.

Events for Advanced Players

ESL Go4GuildWars2 Cups—North America and Europe

In the Go4GuildWars 2 Cups, teams will compete on a weekly basis for a piece of the $500 USD prize pool, with the ultimate goal of qualifying for the Monthly Cup and its $1500 USD prize pool. While these cups will feature some of the fiercest competition you’ll see in Guild Wars 2PvP, all teams are encouraged to sign up for the event. After all, you only need to win one round for a Mini Llama!

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