Itzel & Nuhoch Size Chart


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 After watching the recent Points of Interest and seeing the size of the itzel and nuhoch, I decided to make a size chart. I had to eyeball most of it, it’s hard to actually measure height in-game, but they said the itzel were around the height of a norn and the nuhoch twice the size. I worked everything else out from that.

Personal Opinion

I think they’re way too big. The hylek, itzel and nuhoch all stem from the frog man race, but each have different characteristics, like real frogs. My issue is that the itzel are based on tree frogs, which are much smaller than regular frogs. Hylek are around the height of humans, so the itzel should be somewhere between the asura and hylek.

I feel the nuhoch are ludicrously large. I don’t mind that they’re larger than a norn, but over twice the high of one? I understand that ArenaNet wants players to see them, but they just seem way too larger. I feel ANet should make some adjustments to size, but they’re likely already set on what they’ve made.



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